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My friends and colleagues had given me a positive feedback on the US graduate school experience. It was touted as superior to the rote-learning based system i had experienced. The IIT Chicago experience more than met my expectations. A full time graduate school experience is a wholesome experience that provides a holistic education. Although this cannot be fully replicated in a part time or distance education course.

However, among all the distance education courses available, the one from IIT Chicago ranks as one of the very best. The lectures, assignments, projects and exams are no different than what they are for the in-campus students. TAs are prompt in answering questions. Unlike in some Indian schools, we cannot postpone studies till the 11th hour. One needs to stay on top of the studies all the time.

The hard juggling between studies, projects and my full time job taught a lot. There’s considerable flexibility built in the system. The choices of courses is good and getting broader each year. The local IIT Chicago office is very cooperative and prompt. I have done some very challenging and exciting courses through this Program. Most of the courses have direct relevance to my job and my employer appreciates this a lot. Here’s wishing the current and future students best of luck!